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What can I tell you? Age? Weight? No way! What about the fact that I have been married a lo-o-ong time, so I have some experience when it comes to romance. Will that do? Writing struck like a midlife crisis. It occurred to me to do it, and so I did it. Been doing it ever since. That was some 100-plus books ago.

I’m a native Outer Banker. For those of you who think that’s a detached ATM machine, look at a map of North Carolina (conveniently pictured above) It’s that skinny little elbow of sand jutting out into the Atlantic. Which means I grew up swimming, fishing, sailing, crabbing, clamming, surfing, cleaning up after hurricanes — whatever you can do on water, I did it.

Mama taught me early that the natural position for womankind is prone, with a supply of good books, ice tea and whatever snacks are available. It still works for me.

I descended from a major league baseball player, a sailing sea captain in the West Indies trade and two lighthouse keepers. With a family that includes artists, historians and other quirky, fascinating minds, I’m thinking of branching out as a writer. I was a painter before I was a writer. Studied art, taught art, wrote a newspaper column on art — works in a lot of permanent collections, ribbons and a shelf full of tarnished silver trophies, etc. When and if I retire, I might take up painting again…or I might go back to playing back-up guitar for a smalltime country music band.

Let’s see … where was I? Well, look, enough about me, okay? Read my books. No glitz or glamour — I wouldn’t know glitz if it jumped up and smacked me on the head. Not a lot of suspense, either, because I don’t have the required attention span. But warmth, and laughter and that wonderful, sizzling, tingling feeling of falling head over heels in love…

Yeah. That.